Friday, April 8, 2011

The Pink Wall

The left wall in the room posed a problem...i wud'nt b able to paint smooth cos the wall was very uneven
...the overhead tank had leaked into it and the surface was all mottled and bumpy
i first scraped the wall as much as i had the patience for,

then applied plain white emulsion to cover up the messy surface then painted on mettalic royale pink, then rough brushed it with silver royale paint for a rough texture,
then stencilled on diamond shapes with a deeper metallic pink from floor to ceiling and added blue dots with my finger inbetween all the diamonds

The Flower Wall

I did'nt snap a pic before i painted the wall with silver royale paint.
there had been a corner TV stand fixed into that corner...heres a pic after the stand removed, the base coat applied and tables painted.

made a stencil with hard cardboard in flower and dot shapes, drew outlines and filed in color and drew green separating lines freehand

The Blackboard Wall

The first thing i did in the room was the blackboard- wanted the kids to have lotsa freedomfor their blackboard paint and that bit was pretty ok...

next i got royale metallic blue for the upper part...i tell u
this so u'll know the extent of my knowledge or rather lack of- this paint is premium- the most expensive paint in the market and i mixed it with thinner!!! and applied it and the entire mixture curdled on the wall!!! i was so annoyed, i went to the hardware shop and complained bout the bad paint...& was told that to thin the paint i shud have used water and not thinner cos its not oil based!...damn!! soo embarrassing! they all had a good laugh at the rich bitch trying to discover a new hobby!!! anyway got more paint and scraped off the huge mess and got it right the second time around..

painted scrolls jus below the ceiling cos the cable wire beading ran right across that wall

stuck the divider wallpaper above and below the blackboard line

..nice...not bad at all f
or the dumb novice.

Mosaic n Tiles

Completely revamped a niche in the kids dayroom that had an old fashioned sink

scraped the walls installed a new sink( i removed the old sink myself but got a plumber to fix this new one)

and did all the painting, mosaic and tiling work myself

...the under the sink panel is wood tiled over to conceal the drain pipe from sink to floor...

did a lil glass painting to co-ordinate colors

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kids Tables

Repainted the old table again for Isha and made another collapsible one against the wall for Shradha

Open Shelves

Needed some shelves for books and knick
knacks...cud'nt find anything i really liked on the net so designed them myself drew out the design for the welding guy and got the angles made and fixed them with 4 1/2 inch nails to the wall

...made the wood in slants and painted them diff colors
and stocked up with books and colorfully giftwrapped shoe boxes and knick knacks

Cinderella Chairs

I really went n did it this
time... i horrified everyone when i picked up these really disgusting old old old chairs for 50 rupees! evryone who saw them recoiled in revulsion and my mom-in-law was livid when i brought these home!
i saw what others did'nt see... i actually knew what they'd look like when i'd finished with them

first stripped the seats and sandpapered the life outta them

and then a trip for getting the seats done and cut to size, fixed them and banged in some
beading around the edges
that was done applied 2 coats of primer

after drying out 2 coats of white paint

and then the fun starts-pink! ...

and silver gel pens...

...for a perfect fairytale ending (-: